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"Field of Vision"

By Juli 22 May 2011
We now have a whole bunch of new information on Alyssa's upcoming movie I mentioned in our previous update. The film has been titled "Field of Vision" and Alyssa will be playing Lucy McFarland. You can visit its official site here and learn all about the movie and Alyssa's character. They also have quite a few promotional images featuring Alyssa! I have added them to our gallery, so you can take a look at them here.

There's also a trailer that has been released. It looks so good! You can watch it below:

Doesn't it look great? Remember, if the movie gets enough viewers they might turn it into a TV Series. That would be beyond amazing! So don't forget to tell all your friends about it. The movie airs June 11th at 8pm on NBC. Thanks Heidur for all the info!

New Bookings

By Juli 16 April 2011
Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates around here. There hasn't been much going on, but guess what? Alyssa filmed an episode of Parks and Recreations that should be airing soon! We don't know what episode she's going to be in, but I'll sure let you know when I find out. I bet it's going to be a funny appearance, considering the show is hilarious.

Alyssa also got the lead role in a TV movie that will air June 11th at 8pm on NBC. She filmed it in Georgia and if the movie gets good views, they might change it into a pilot for a TV series! So tell your friends about it!! How amazing would it be to see Alyssa on TV regularly?

I'll keep you updated on both projects, so keep checking!

Alyssa on "The Defenders" Yesterday

By Juli 30 September 2010
Alyssa did a wonderful job on "The Defenders" last night! I hope everyone got to see it! She played the role of Katie Reid, a girl whose mother has been accused of running down a runner while talking on her cell phone. If you didn't catch it, don't worry, clips have been added to our Download Center and a bunch of screencaps, to the gallery. Enjoy!

Alyssa in "The Defenders"

By Juli 23 August 2010
Great news!! Alyssa booked a guest role in a new legal drama called "The Defenders". The show premieres on September 22 on CBS. Aly's episode is either the first or the second in the season. I'll let you know when I have more information. Thanks Heidur for the tip and congratulations Alyssa!

New Look

By Juli 12 August 2010
As you can probably tell, the site has a new look!. The layout was made by me and I really hope you like it!. The Download Center also got a new design. It features a snapshot of Alyssa in Miami Medical. Isn't it adorable? I love her sweet smile. Speaking of the show, I finally made and uploaded clips of Aly's scenes! You can find them here. You will love Alyssa's performance on them!.

Last but not least, I added 20 gorgeous icons made by my wonderful friend Flor. Go take a look here. Thank you Flor!.

That's about it for now. I truly hope everyone enjoys the new things!

Miami Medical

By Juli 16 June 2010
Hi, everyone! First of all I would like to apologize for the lack of updates lately, University has been keeping me very busy and I've had some issues with the software I use to update the site. I'm really sorry!
Alyssa was in Miami Medical a few weeks ago and she was absolutely amazing!. Her episode's title is Like a Hurricane and she played a little girl who is involved in a car accident along with her family. You can take a look at the screencaps in the gallery, I'll be adding clips very soon. Congratulations on yet another incredible performance, Alyssa!.

Miami Medical: Episode 1x13 "Like a Hurricane"

"Miami Medical is a medical drama about a team of expert trauma surgeons who shine brightest when working under pressure against the clock to save critically injured patients."
Alyssa plays April Seaver, a little girl in state of shock who is worried about her family, after being in a terrible car accident with them.

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